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USB voltmeter, the other way around

A key feature you need for this that many of the cheapest solutions don't offer is full isolation between the mains input and the USB port. I did a search on the term "USB multimeter with ...
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How to measure Earth’s magnetic field?

The device you cited is spendy; if your budget does not permit acquiring it, there are alternatives. You could get an iPhone and the xSensor app cited in this Wired article, or an Android phone with ...
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What can measure the spectrum frequencies of a monitor?

For monitors, you don't need to do this at all. It's in the monitor spec. Have you ever seen a monitor boast it has a 120hz Refresh Rate? In perhaps the simplest equivalency in computing, 1 ...
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USB Power Meter to measure Smartphone Energy Consumption

You cannot measure the phones power consumption this way. The USB dongle will only see the current being used to charge the battery of the phone not the power the phone is drawing from the battery. ...
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What spectrum analyzer can detect Wireless AD?

Because of its immense bandwidth, I'd like to measure, how much ElectroMagnetic Radiation I am exposed to bandwidth has nothing to do with how much electromagnetic radiation there is! Asked 3 years, ...
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What spectrum analyzer can detect Wireless AD?

It appears to me that SAF Tehnika J0SSAP60 is exactly what you are looking for - It is a has a bandwidth of 56 to 67 GHz, but you would need to get ...
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