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Should I get a Macbook Pro M1 16" and Lenovo Thinkpad P series as a software developer, assuming I've always been a Windows user?

If you want the best of both worlds, you're kind of stuck these days - the Lenovo can't run macOS & the M1 can't run Win for Intel, only Win for ARM. If instead you looked at a late model Intel ...
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Any Cheap Type C to USB Converter?

Yes, those do exist. USB-C is just USB-A with some extra features and a smaller connector. A passive adapter will be enough, like this one:
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Which laptop should I buy once my macbook died

If you have the money, I would recommend the macbook pro with the m2-max processor. It has all the power that you can possibly need, and the battery life/power consumption is amazing compared to Intel ...
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Do any of the big SSD makers make internal SSDs for the MacBook Pro?

Any NVMe drive should work from a hardware point of view (many youtube videos shows the process of backuping MacOS to it via external connection (USB), then pulling user data from your current install)...
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Solution to share Magic Trackpad between Macbook Pro and Windows laptop?

The software solutions sharemouse or synergy might work for this. It's not exactly a switch but it virtually connects the computers allowing you to move between the screens as if it was a multi ...
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