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Are there any wifi micro sd card

Nope, SD (and MicroSD) use a few pins (9 if i'm correct) to get power and transfer data. Those power pins cannot be made wireless because of space constraints, and the data pins can maybe made ...
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What parts make up a cctv installation at home?

Use the NVR. It’s a dedicated piece of equipment that will consume less energy than a windows 10 computer. NVR’s also contain different hard drives that are specifically made for constant writing ...
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Which kit to replace a basic toggle switch

The damaged switch is known as a single pole single throw rocker switch, also SPST rocker switch. The only critical aspect of this switch is the size of the opening. Conveniently, you have the opening ...
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Best Device For Learning About Sending TCP Packets

I would start with software - Wireshark works on both Windows and Linux and lets you see all the packets reaching your computer. It's free. Also read about magic packets - wake on LAN has nothing to ...
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Motion sensing home security cameras that work with Windows 10 (or standalone) and have both iOS and Android apps

Visit I love their "weather" station (I have 5 independent "weather" stations with a total of 13 additional add-on indoor modules - never even the smallest hiccup with any of them). ...
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