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5 votes

Searching for a good gaming-headset (gaming and music)

Not so easy to find Gaming headset with 600ohm. I know the Sennheiser HMD 26-II-600-X3K1 but it's out of your range. 600ohm is better but it doesn't mean that you cannot use lower impedence headset (...
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4 votes

headphone with active noise cancelling, mic, earhook, wired and not too expansive

You've got two conflicting criteria: noise cancelling and shallow in the ear. Anything noise cancelling is also going to be as noise isolating as possible to avoid letting in excess sound to minimize ...
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4 votes

is there any headset with 2 microphones (one at each ear)?

This is not how audio recording works. The position of your ears is irrelevant for a recording device, because there are better, more compact ways to record stereo sound. Here's how a stereo ...
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3 votes

Plantronics M70 vs. M90 — what's the difference between them?

It took me a fair bit of Web searching to find the answer. In the end, I finally hit upon the correct set of terms to enter into Google. I did a Google search for [ plantronics m70 m90 vs | ...
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2 votes

Headset (for XBox gaming) with adjustable sidetone

Part of that which is missing in today's portable communications devices (cellular phones) is a feature of old-time telephones known as sidetone. This is exactly what you describe as feedback. One can ...
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2 votes

Recommend me a wireless logitech headset

A quick search via yields the following results: Logitech G933 Pro-G audio & 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Adjustable lighting up to 16.8 million colors Flexible wireless or wired ...
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2 votes

Wireless headphones (radio or bluetooth) for watching films that don't give headaches

I've not tried these personally - and as with any headphones, its a good idea to try any headphones for fit (tight headphones cause headaches) and sound quality if possible, but it sounds like ...
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2 votes

ANC Headset with good Microphone for Ubuntu

I have a wireless Jabra ANC Headset now (Jabra Evolve2 85) This way the Linux Bluetooth gets avoided, since there is a custom USB-dongle which speaks to the headset. But it is not perfect. My voice ...
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1 vote

Gaming headset - Wireless - Foldable

In regards to Bluetooth: Be sure to keep an eye open for "Apt-X LL" codec support on both the headset and the PC. It does make a huge difference for latency over Bluetooth. With a good USB ...
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1 vote

Wireless headset that works with PC and mobile phone

First of all, bluetooth won't provide high quality sound and using the microphone by its standard. From my research I think the SteelSeries Sibera 840 might be a good match, it can be used with most ...
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1 vote

Looking for good headset for gaming/youtube/movies

The best bud earphones I've ever used where those which came with the Nokia N8. The satisfy all of your primary requirements, except #4 (the warranty). However, I would imagine that you could pick ...
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1 vote

Wireless headset

I've been looking around a bit, so far I've found the following two candidates, coincidentally all from SteelSeries (no, I am not affiliated, apparently they just are good): The SteelSeries Siberia ...
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