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What brand of laptop do you recommend harsh places like mountains, gyms and workshops?

So there are definitely options for what you're asking, I personally remember using a Toughbook and that thing was a BEAST, I did resting with it like running it over and throwing it off the 4th floor ...
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HP Compaq Pro 6305, upgrade video card and RAM memory

So if the motherboard has 4 slots for the DIMM modules (2 white and 2black) from my research here it should be able to support 4gbx4 which would be 16gb as for if it can support those exact speeds is ...
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P2200 Quadro on Dell PowerEdge T420

This should be plug and play if the motherboard has a pci-e x16 connector and the PSU has the room left for the extra 75W. Pci-e has standard specs which includes max 75W power delivery. It doesn't ...
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