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Upgrade HDD to SSD for ROG Strix G531GU

That Crucial and Samsung SSD are fine, although I personally have preference on the Crucial MX500. Here in Belgium it's pretty cheap, it will fit on any spot where there used to be a SATA HDD, and is ...
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1 vote

Would a new graphics card improve my machine's performance?

This might be a combination of different issues Using a HDD for windows along with gaming and as more updates are pushed out will definitely give you that sluggish feeling and more so over time. ...
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1 vote

Laptop recommendations for these specs

Wait a few weeks Intel and AMD just released new laptop chips, in the form on Meteor Lake (Core Ultra) and Hawk Point (Ryzen 8000) chips respectively at CES 2024. A bunch of laptop manufacturers ...
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Need a 2in1 for coding, running scripts (to test my code), and note-taking/organizing my notes

Similar recent question: A "pad" for note-taking, primarily The 2 in 1 market is pretty slim pickins right now where you need to pick from HP 2in1, Microsoft Surface, or Apple iPad. Using a ...
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CPU upgrade on motherboard Pegatron Benicia 1.01?

I went the Q9650 route and maxed out the ram and bought an MSI Geforce GT1030 GPU and less than $200 my 15 year old HP pavilion has received a new lease on life, it handles Valorant and other online ...
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