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Laptop for coding

Since, you're starting out with coding I wouldn't expect you to be using heavy Integrated Developer Environments, like Visual Studio + Resharper which can weigh heavily on the performance of your cpu ...
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Is the Acer Swift 5 laptop fit for Android development?

Assuming you are using Android Studio, yes, the laptop will work well for it. My only concern would be that the laptop may run hot or even overheat because I don't see any large cooling fans on the ...
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Are recent AMD CPUs or Intels with efficiency cores better for a MSVC (C++) focused developer PC setup (are those E-Cores any good?)

Are there any performance comparisons available? Are there recommendations? We can estimate the performance based on the numbers from timed compilation benchmarks on CPUs may be ...
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What is a good laptop for game development in 2021/2022? (Unity)

The Asus RoG Strix G15 G513IE-HN004W is almost what you need, it performs good, has Windows (if needed, you can probably dualboot Linux), it has a dGPU, which is useful for testing, it has an 8-core ...
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Is i7 8565U, with 16 gb RAM, 512 SSD with intel uhd 620, only integrated good enough for Android studio?

That should be good enough. I have a slightly worse laptop (aside from GPU) and it can run more intensive things like a Windows virtual machine or Unity game engine without a problem, so you should be ...
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2016 mid-range graphic card for game development

Go with the GTX 1000 series... I have a GTX 1060 paired with a r7 370 in my rig. I use the GTX 1060 for working (mostly for cuda in blender and adobe premiere) and I use the r7 370 for running my ...
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