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Encrypted flashdrive

Kingston has a few excellent encrypted flash drive solutions. Their flash drives are always high-quality and are known for their reliability. Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Their basic ...
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Is there a USB micro SD card reader in a sturdy metal keychain thumb drive form factor?

After some poking around, the closest I came to meeting your question's requirements was this: Black Aluminum MicroSD USB Card Reader works with all sizes TF card capacities. Meets most of your ...
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Small and fast (and preferably capless) flash drive (> ~80 MB/s write)

Corsair CMFSL3X2-128GB 128GB Voyager is one I use myself, it's an extremely compact design, 128gb and has 90mb/s write speed, which seems to fit your specifications, however, I'm not sure about how ...
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Small USB drive with hardware write-protection switch

It seems there are no USB sticks with hardware write switch of such small form-factor as Kingston SE9 (39mm of length). There are some alternatives smaller (shorter) than Kanguru SS3. Kanguru ...
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What's a reliable and sturdy flash drive for life on a keychain?

Almost any USB flash drive, or even µSD card, should serve the purpose. Pick one from a well-known manufacturer. My favorite style USB drive is a tiny stub, such as this PNY. For extra security: Put ...
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Recommendation: drive which is completely sanitizable

I created the question but I cannot modify it nor comment. Thanks for the comment, but the drive has to be non-volatile. Can you please modify the question as follows (and then fix this into a comment)...
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Looking for write-hardened USB with high longevity

This one says its 2" by 1.2" Caution 15 of 46 customers units reviewed on amazon failed. 43% had no reported issues. However, 46 reviews is hardly statically significant. https://www.amazon.com/...
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Is there a USB micro SD card reader in a sturdy metal keychain thumb drive form factor?

Naztech makes a device they call the "Xtra Drive Mini" that is something like what I am after: It's made of aluminum, takes a microSD card, and attaches to a keyring. It has shortcomings though: Non-...
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USB Rubber Ducky Alternative

So essentially, what you would want is an Arduino pro micro with a usb adapter. Seytonic on YouTube did a whole series about a DIY rubber ducky using an Arduino. you can find his first video on the ...
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