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Home firewall/router with full gigabit throughput

Most home/consumer gateway devices (commonly called routers) will not be able to handle this volume of traffic. One alternative to consider is products from Ubiquiti Networks as they have several ...
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Small Business Firewall - ZyXEL v. Fortinet

Assuming you have any basic level of competence, the hardware on most of these is a bit... naff, running lower end mips or arm processors, tied up with a custom ASIC. About 200usd would get you ...
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Router with remote controllable parental controls whitelist

Hardware: For a hardware solution: You can get a Unifi gateway that can do this and more for around $200. It's very user friendly. DNS: Some cheaper routers have similar settings if you look into the ...
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Router with remote controllable parental controls whitelist

If you want a hardware solution then (as mentioned) PiHole will do what you want for DNS only. I use it myself. I use it mainly to block ads and whatever escapes OpenDNS. I also use OpenDNS. You ...
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Firewall equipment to prevent/monitor bandwidth consumption and set user access filters

I am addressing only this part of the question: And how is PC-to-firewall different from firewall equipment and Windows firewall? A hardware firewall offloads the work from the general purpose CPU ...
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