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Reduce CPU Fan Noise on old AMD Athlon XP 1900+

We'd need more specific information about your rig for more precise advice, particularly given the age. Options (in order of estimated cost): 1) Investigate if your current motherboard supports any ...
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Repairable CPU fan for socket 115x

You didn't mention your location, but here are some options that ship free to UK (I used the zip code of Buckingham palace). You might also notice that I am only giving you Amazon links. This is ...
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Powering 5 fans from 230V wall power

I went with the following: molex -> 9x 3-pin fan splitter: external PSU 230V -> molex: ...
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PSU-powered, motherboard case-fan header-controlled, multiple fan controller

It's a bit pricey, but the Corsair iCue Commander PRO can handle up to six 3-pin or 4-pin fans. It is powered via SATA from your PSU. I do not recall if it plugs into the case fan header as well, but ...
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Connect extra fans to an ASRock Extreme4

I wouldn't use a PWM fan (plugs into motherboard) for this. You're cooling HDDs and the thermostats on the motherboard won't be very good at detecting HDD temps, so you'll probably want the fan to ...
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Internal fan controller

After no response I bought NZXT GRID+V2 and I can easily recommend this hardware to anyone looking for internal fan controller with many features. Setup: I installed it in Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX ...
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