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Should I buy an SSD with hardware-based full disk encryption?

Whether the firmware has been compromised is a valid concern — it happens (it's been done for show, and it's rather rare but it has been found in the wild). But a bigger concern is whether the ...
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Encrypted flashdrive

Kingston has a few excellent encrypted flash drive solutions. Their flash drives are always high-quality and are known for their reliability. Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Their basic ...
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ATX Motherboard with ATA password option and GNU/Linux compatibility

After several calls/mails to the 4 major "grand public" motherboard manufacturer, it's was either a non-understanding/no response or we will call you back later to have more details. It's seems they ...
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Small USB drive with hardware write-protection switch

It seems there are no USB sticks with hardware write switch of such small form-factor as Kingston SE9 (39mm of length). There are some alternatives smaller (shorter) than Kanguru SS3. Kanguru ...
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Smart cards for encrypting/decrypting using AES or TripleDES or RSA?

I think what you're looking for is: The Feitian ePass2003 (or some other token from their ePass line) It costs less than a YubiHSM - Feitian sells them at 70USD for five pieces + customs, taxes and ...
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USB drive with password write protection

Have you considered biometric USB drives, such as the Imation Defender F200 Biometric, it may be a little slow, but supports passwords, fingerprint scanning, or both. There is a review of it: Imation ...

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