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Noise-blocking earplugs

When it comes to quiet earplugs then Sony’s noise-cancelling model Sony WF-1000X is a great choise at around £90 on sale in Sweden right now. A budget alternative would be the Optoma NuForce BE2 ...
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Wireless Ear Buds With Multipoint, ANC, and Mono Pod Usage

I ended up buying the Huawei Freebuds Pro, which seem to check all the boxes. Edit: can confirm, they check all these boxes. Good purchase.
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USB-C Splitter for Audio

I don't believe the type of splitter you are asking for exists. USB-C Headphones contain an integrated DAC, which means the audio is sent to the headphones from your computer/phone over the USB ...
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'Reverse Noise canceling' Headphones / Earphones (for quiet office)

This made for a bit of interesting research. It's challenging to phrase the search terms appropriately, but this may be of assistance. Noise cancelling headphones are "obviously" not your objective, ...
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headphone or earphone that can completely block any noise

You could also consider custom-molded in-ears. As they’re precisely fitted for your ears alone, not only they block out noise more effectively, they can also be extremely comfortable. If you’re okay ...
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Wireless In Ear Monitoring System

I chose the combination of LD MEI 1000 and Shure SE215CL. The Shure device had no relevant features which would justify the price and the better headphones were a really good investment. Tested and ...
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