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E-book reader running only free/libre software

You should get a Nook. There are several variances to the Nook e-reader - mainly it's between the Simple Touch, Simple Touch with GlowLight, and now GlowLight Plus. Basically it whether you want a ...
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Android ebook reader

Your best bet currently is probably to wait for the rumored upcoming Nexus 7 2016 revision, since you want a tablet that will stay updated and your current Nexus 7 (2013) did, in fact, get updated to ...
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What E-reader is good for browsing Wikipedia and navigating its wiki-links?

BOOX Poke5 ($170), Leaf2 ($200), or Page ($250) Pros: Android 11-based, with Google Play support microSD card slot to allow for extra storage Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 support E-ink screen ...
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E ink ebook reader for PDF with Wi-Fi synchronization

Some Kobo ereaders can display PDF docs and support WiFi, and with some software installation it might be possible to transfer files from your own server,but my experience has been that connection via ...
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Aspects of choosing an ebook reader for pdf files

DO NOT BUY Dasung. I spent around $1000 on their Paperlike, and it crashes after about 20-30 seconds the first time, and after 2-3 frames subsequently. I tried troubleshooting this with them, and ...
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ipad sized notebook/tablet with e-ink screen and keyboard?

This is a tough one for a number of reasons. E-ink displays are traditionally way too slow for practical use in the capacity that you're talking about, the refresh rate is way too long and you end up ...
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Kindle or Kobo syncing content

I use the basic version of Kindle It can do all the following things: copy a PDF in a folder formats and uploads it to the e-reader. In addition, I use an app called Calibre which makes that ...
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