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I created e-ink display from Kindle DX device. Steps can be found on the internet, but due to their length I'm not going to reproduce them here. The point was to jailbreak Kindle DX, put a VNC viewer there and start a session. advantage: used Kindle DX is relatively cheap to buy disadvantage: 9.7" Kindle screen often is too small for use as PC display;...


I was given multiple answers explaining how it can't be done for various technical reasons. I don't care! Tell me how it can be done, or better, how it is done. Not gonna get far with an attitude like that, but I guess I'll tell you again that what you're looking for doesn't exist. It's impractical to a level where trying to produce and market a product ...


Some Kobo ereaders can display PDF docs and support WiFi, and with some software installation it might be possible to transfer files from your own server,but my experience has been that connection via USB to a PC running Calibre is the easiest and most reliable way to transfer files.


DO NOT BUY Dasung. I spent around $1000 on their Paperlike, and it crashes after about 20-30 seconds the first time, and after 2-3 frames subsequently. I tried troubleshooting this with them, and they had me try different things, updated firmware, etc., until the 120-day deadline with PayPal passed (60+ days of this was purely shipping) -- and then, they'...


Another possibility is this new Apple keyboard, that's to be put into 2018 MacBooks. It has e-ink keys and stuff. source: The Verge (news site)


One possibility would be not to use the keyboard at all. The Tap is a new device that, after attaching to the fingers, allows one to write just tapping on whatever surface there is, the table, the sofa, even your (or so's) body. I think it requires you to know the layout from memory, but the video shows a guy wearing some VR googles, so I think the actual ...

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