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Indoor drone with an automatic docking/charging procedure

Not exactly a drone but more or less accomplishes most of the same thing. This thing is pretty awesome: Site: Update: This product has horrendous support and the software ...
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Programmable quadcopter drones

Found some alternatives (which do not fulfill all requirements) during my search: CoDrone ...
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Miniature receiver and transmitter for remotely controlled drone/helicopter

This is quite a big question, there are lots of options with various limitations, Simple small options could include this Seeed ARM 433Mhz RF link kit these are just transmitter & receivers they ...
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1 vote

An opensource alternative to Mavic Mini

That's a tall order. I haven't found anything quite that nice in the open source world, although I've looked. Honestly, you might have to content yourself with missing some of those features or going ...
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Small drone recomendation

This $60 kit (FOB Destination) or drone, battery, charger, controller, and miscellany packs up into an included hardcase 8.3" x 5.2" x 2.6", which fits in an overhead luggage bin of even commuter ...
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How to get best wifi range out of a smartphone in a portable way?

If possible, try to not hold the smartphone between your hands. That also blocks some of the signal. Otherwise you could try to mount external antennas to your drone if you could reach the antenna ...
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