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Docking station with new Interfaces?

Due to the fact that this is novelty on the market, it would be not that easy to find exacly what you want but Elgato Thunderbolt Dock is relatively close. We can expect that they will release similar ...
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USB dock that presents COM/Parallel port as physical ports

This cannot exist. If it's connected via USB, then it's connected via USB, no matter what it looks like and only software could provide the illusion of a "physical port". Actually, I think I missed ...
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What hardware can turn a keyboard, mouse, and monitor into a remote desktop solution?

First of all, I would make sure that you aren't circumventing any policies by using hardware rather than software, but I'll assume that the powers that be simply don't want you installing things on ...
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What hardware can turn a keyboard, mouse, and monitor into a remote desktop solution?

You want a KVM over IP device. Something similar to TRIPP LITE B055-001, would work (assuming, in this case, the server has PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse). This model is about $120. There ...
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Docking station with many ports?

Note: Typical docking station has 2-4 USB ports, sometimes 5-6. Option 1 Cable Matters® SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station with 6-Port USB Hub Score: (✓) Connection:one cable to the USB ...
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Can a tablet with USB-C work with a USB-C dock?

As always with USB-C, it depends. If your tablet supports Thunderbolt 3 or 4, totally yes. If it doesn't, probably not. If you don't know, try it. If your display recocnizes the tablet, it works, if ...
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Solution for connecting two computers (work laptop and personal computer) 2 monitors, keyboard & mouse and a webcam

So after some hours searching around I ended up going with a combination of two devices, since a switch with 2 HDMIs and a couple of USB ports costs a few hundred at the least, stupidly. First off is ...
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Laptop stand with space for keyboard

I use something similar to this in the office, which allows my keyboard to be parked under the leading edge of the stand. https://www.dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/r-go-riser-flexible-laptop-stand-...
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Seeking hardware recommendations for switching between Mac laptop and Windows workstation using multi-monitor setup

Question: Do your monitors have multiple inputs? My Acers take HDMI, DVI & VGA. I have plugged my work laptop in on HDMI, personal laptop to DVI. A third antique computer connects to the VGA. ...
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Docking station with 3 Display Ports for Linux

I can confirm Dell D3100 works well with 3 displays (also other features of docking station works well). But note all displays work with max 1920 (I had to connect my 29" display directly to laptop ...
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Docking station with 3 Display Ports for Linux

StarTech makes a Docking Station with three Displayport connections: Model: USB3DOCKH2DP
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Hard drive docking station recommendation for old hard drives

If it's just for just for reading some hard drives as you stated in your requirements, a simple universal USB to SATA adapter is more than enough. These have both IDE and SATA interfaces as well as ...
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Good PC laptop for work and docking station (must be dock-able)

I can definitely say that a Lenovo is a great laptop for work from my own personal experience. I had a Lenovo and thoroughly enjoyed it. Because businesses tend to buy new laptops only so often I ...
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