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Purism Librem 5 runs a custom distro developed by the company which made the phone, but you can run it on desktop as well, so I believe it qualifies. As a bonus, recently the open source GPU driver for that chip has reached performance parity with the closed source one, although I am not sure which one is used in the phone.


For a work environment I would recommend nvidia quadro. Not the p600 or p620 those are likely to be too small and under perform although they would work and be the cheapest option. The previous model line goes P1000, P2000, P4000, [P5000], P6000. With price going from least to most expensive. I think the current model line right now is RTX but buying the ...


SSUPD Meshlicious should fit your needs. The riser they use, by LINKUP, is also available alone so you can order one of those. But you need to check case compatibility. A comment on H1: it's been recalled for being a fire hazard (GamersNexus covered it on YouTube).


Laptops with a full size keyboard exist but are few and far between due to the actual size limitations of the laptops. there are only two that I know of that come close. The acer predator X21, it's a full size keyboard, however the numpad is low profile and reversible so you can use it as a trackpad. this is a 21 inch curved monitor "laptop" The ...

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