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An operating system developed by Microsoft. Use this tag if you are requesting hardware that operates in the Microsoft Windows environment. You should also include minimum version of Windows that the hardware should support (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc)

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What's a good USB microphone for recording instruments?

I'm looking for a USB microphone to create recordings of instruments. It must: be compatible with Windows 10 via USB have appropriate frequency range (I want it to include as much of the spectrum as ...
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which intel skylake cpu will give me longest battery life ? m3, m5 or m7?

I was hoping someone would be able to recommend which Intel skylake CPU will give me longest battery life? m3, m5 or m7? I am a uni student, thinking about buying a Surface Pro 4 (or clone from ...
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Keyboard for windows

I know this is a bit of a boring question, but I need to ask it. What keyboard would you recommend? Requirements: Price should be < $25. Preferable < $20 Must connect through USB Must last a ...
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Need laptop for programming/some gaming

First of all, I hope I came to the right StackExchange; I've seen some posts about laptop recommendations, so I think this is the right place to ask those questions. I'm thinking of buying a new ...
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Laptop for programming that meets the listed requirements

I'm looking for a laptop for programming with: Weight: <= 6 pounds Display: 15+ in; Full HD (1920x1080) RAM: 8GB CPU: Quad Core OS: Windows 10 Storage: 256GB SSD GPU: Integrated (preferred) or ...
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Windows laptop with comparable specs to upgraded 15" MacBook Pro Retina?

I recently bought an 15" MacBook Pro w/ Retina (with student discount and no sales tax) for $2300. Considering I got a pair of Beats headphones too which I plan on selling, I figure my total cost was $...
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Cheap keyboard with programmable keys and backlit keys

I'm looking for a keyboard under $100USD for gaming, programming, and video editing. For these, programmable keys are needed. Requirements: Extra programmable keys Backlit keys with adjustable ...
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