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An operating system developed by Microsoft. Use this tag if you are requesting hardware that operates in the Microsoft Windows environment. You should also include minimum version of Windows that the hardware should support (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc)

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USB to Ethernet adapter supporting multiple virtual LANs

Several unresolved questions have been made in various online forums looking for any options that may exist for a USB to Ethernet adapter that supports multiple VLANs. Past questions have often been ...
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4 answers

Keyboard for windows

I know this is a bit of a boring question, but I need to ask it. What keyboard would you recommend? Requirements: Price should be < $25. Preferable < $20 Must connect through USB Must last a ...
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3 answers

Laptop for programming that meets the listed requirements

I'm looking for a laptop for programming with: Weight: <= 6 pounds Display: 15+ in; Full HD (1920x1080) RAM: 8GB CPU: Quad Core OS: Windows 10 Storage: 256GB SSD GPU: Integrated (preferred) or ...
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Cheap keyboard with programmable keys and backlit keys

I'm looking for a keyboard under $100USD for gaming, programming, and video editing. For these, programmable keys are needed. Requirements: Extra programmable keys Backlit keys with adjustable ...
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PC suggestion for Video editing

For work, I professionally edit videos. Right now I am using a Mac Book Pro, but I find it very slow and it's not fitting my workflow anymore. My idea is to change my hardware and buy a Windows ...
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