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For questions about hardware that will be used to power any aspect of web development, including development itself or hosting the resulting product.

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Can Anyone Recommend a Windows Development Laptop?

My position was recently eliminated at a biotech where I worked for 17 years and am in the process of looking for a Windows development laptop that I can use for some training classes that I am taking ...
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Which Windows laptop is the best equivalent to a MacBook Pro for data science?

I am looking to buy Macbook Pro 13 inch with M2 chip, 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, 8Gb unified memory, 512Gb SSD but I also wanted to consider other windows laptop since Mac is very expensive. But I ...
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Cheap old android phones like iphone 6s for React Native development

I'm looking for an android phone for react native development. I recently bought a iphone 6s for like 20€ and I'm pretty impressed by it's speed considering its so old. Can you guys recommend any ...
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Looking for recommendations / suggestions on a hybrid gaming / work laptop

Wondering if anyone could help me filter down the ridiculous array of options available. I'll be using this laptop about 50% for work and 50% for gaming. For work, I need the RAM since I'll be running ...
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mini pc as dev server - specs?

I want a new no-noise dev server (LEMP); and I wonder what specs I should go for, how to narrow the search. I currently use an old budget Laptop (Asus K53U) with an AMD C-50@800MHz, 1x2GB Samsung DDR3-...
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Purchasing a Mac Book Pro 16 inch, trying to figure out how much RAM I will need

New to programming and current development environment is on an iMac (schools). Looking at purchasing a Mac Book Pro 16 inch and I have been able to research all of the other hardware questions I had ...
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Safari Webpage Development Hardware: Mac [mini], iPad, iPhone or iTouch

The company I work for is finding that a majority of our users use iPhone's with our web services. Since I only have Android and Windows devices, I cannot test Safari myself and therefore ...
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How much computing power(Server Resource) i need to run my taxi app?

i have 140 drivers & 200+ not more than 300 bookings from passengers within 24 hours. So, i want to deploy my taxi app on a cloud server. Same uber concept but this one is using taxi. Can someone ...
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Is i7 8565U, with 16 gb RAM, 512 SSD with intel uhd 620, only integrated good enough for Android studio? [closed]

I would like to buy, HP Spectre x360 with intel i7 8565U, 16 gb RAM, 512gb ssd with intel uhd 620 but I am not sure If I will be able to run some app emulators for development, I will do some ...
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Which laptop hardware setup is the fastest and most optimized for programming?

I'll be buying a new laptop and while searching for information for the best configuration I haven't yet found one website where there is clear real-world use-case information regarding the best setup ...
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Macbook Air 2018 / Macbook Pro 13 or any other laptop for web dev

I have a Lenovo (running on Linux) with full hd 15" screen, Core i7 and 8GB RAM and the issue is, that everyday after coding for 8+ hours, I just want to kill myself because I have headaches and ...
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Good desktop screen for a web designer / developer

I'm a web-designer/developer/coder. Most of my time is spent staring at lines of code, the resultant web pages, and vector graphic layouts. I do occasional bitmap image editing, read technical books ...
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Processor type for web development (webpack dev server, jest tests, node, docker building) - High clock speed vs multiple cores?

I'm a professional web developer - and I'm looking at buying a new laptop. The common tasks I'm doing are: Running webpack dev server Running jest tests Running nodemon Building docker images ...
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Programming laptop ('18)

I am thinking about replacing my old Samsung 700T (Intel Core i5 3317U 1700MHz / 4Gb RAM / 3G / touchscreen) laptop. Is there something on the market which is close to it in terms of usability, just ...
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Chromebook or laptop for programming

I'm searching a portable machine for programming and I don't know which is the best between laptop and chromebook. Requirements: At least a 5hr life battery I'll run linux (probably ubuntu or lubntu)...
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VM server for testing purposes

I have a question similar to Picking VM server hardware for development. I am trying to choose a machine that will run several (up to 4?) windows/linux VMs to be used for testing and development. A "...
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Laptop for coding

I'm looking to get a laptop for coding which I hope to use for the next 2/3 years. I have a tight budget of roughly about 700 dollars and am not looking for anything too fancy(or to low at the end ...
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Laptop for developer

can you advice me some good laptops for back end development? Primary I need good procesor for running servers like, Geoserver, IIS, and so on (i7 ?) and a lot of RAM (12-16GB or more). I do not know ...
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Small and cheap mini-PC to install Linux (no desktop environment) and a development LAMP webserver [duplicate]

I manage a LAMP website, which I develop at home, and then I upload the changes to the production public server. I am trying to find a small and cheap fanless PC to install Linux and my development ...
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Android HTML5 pocket printer

What I’m looking for is a device which consists of a smartphone-like interface and a small printer. The smartphone part should provide a capacitive touch screen a HTML5-capable browser network ...
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Barcode POS terminal

I need a barcode terminal device for access controls workflow, this device needs to be connected to a web-application. In other words I need what can be a browser and a barcode scanner together. Price ...
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Advice on building a gaming/web development rig [closed]

I have pretty much no experience or knowledge about modern hardware, other than the past couple hours I've spent researching it. I built a rig online here: I was ...
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Barcode Scanner that communicates via RESTful API

I am project managing the development of a web app that needs to interface with a wireless bar code scanner. Ideally I do not want to have to have a local host computer on site for the scanners to ...
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Office/Business notebook for C# development

I'm going to get me a new Hardware/Software-system for my development. The project I'm currently in has about 60 sub-projects which are of type WPF, Server/Client, WCF, Rest-API and simple class-...
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Picking VM server hardware for development

I am an experienced programmer with very little hardware experience, and completely overwhelmed with the unlimited number of choices available. Since technology changes so rapidly, it's very ...
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What is a good laptop for programming and student work?

I am looking for a new laptop mostly for programming(work) but also for college and other educational purposes. Right now I have a budget of $650, although I am willing to wait, save up, and spend a ...
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Laptop for front-end development

I am enrolled in a Front End Developer course that starts in January. I need a laptop for the class. I am trying to decide between a Windows machine or a MacBook Pro. The class info says that either ...
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