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For questions about uninterruptable power supplies that are used to retain the electrical power flow to connected devices in the event of a loss of power at the source.

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Small UPS with network access to support my NUC home server

I have a NUC at home that I want to protect with a UPS. It uses no more than 50W so the UPS does not need to be very big, but as I am often away from home I want to be able to monitor it remotely. It ...
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Using TVSS ground pin in UPS

I have an APC Back UPS 1500. It has a TVSS GND pin that I can use but I'm not too sure how exactly to do so. Would I actually need to buy a TVSS unit or is there a work around?strong text
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Is there a UPS with open source power maganement software?

sorry if my question sounds obvious, I'm not really expert in hardwares and I could not find any thing after searching. I wonder if there is a UPS power supply with an open source power monitoring ...
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How many ampere hours batteries I can connect to Legrand Keor LP?

I have UPS Legrand Keor LP with 3000 VA output and 45Ah battery onboard. Brochure - Legrand Keor LP Manual - Legrand Keor LP Questions How can I determine charging amperage for external batteries ...
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Can someone help me identify the specifications of a UPS for a 20-core high-performance computer?

Firstly, I am a software developer that has been delegated the task of finding a UPS for my team's 20-core test-suite machine. It is powered by a 1kW-rated Corsair RM1000X power unit. I live in South ...
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Looking for smallest UPS available with management interface

I need very small form factor UPS, the smaller the better. The only requirement is it must have USB management interface so I am able to shutdown a PC gracefully...
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power bank charging while being charged

I'm using Tecknet 16750mAh power banks to provide power to Raspberry Pis. I'm really happy with them. Power is provided uninterrupted when the bank is being charged, when the bank charging power goes ...
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UPS that can supply a lot of power for a short time

I live in a rural area where power outages happen quite often but my house has been equipped with a diesel generator to counter those outages, yet it takes 17 to 20 seconds to spin up, so all of the ...
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Alternatives to UPS to protect a computer from unstable electricity [closed]

I live in a place where the electricity quality is poor. If I plug my desktop computer directly into the wall, it ends up damaged after some days due to unstable electricity. I have used an UPS for ...
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Uninterruptible Power Supply for Intel Nuc?

My town suffers from quite a few power outages as of late and I am running a home server via my Intel NUC. I'm looking for recommendations on the type of UPS I could buy for such a device. Typically I'...
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Hot-swappable DC power high availability component

I'm trying to build a portable Mini-ITX PC. I want it to have similar power capabilities to a laptop. That is, the ability to plug or unplug it from the power main without it losing power and shutting ...
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Most Economical Personal Computer UPS

I'm looking for an decent quality UPS with a decent quality battery for a single Linux personal computer. So far, most power outages here have been very short--power lost for mere seconds--so I'm not ...
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UPS with pure sine wave

I'm looking for a UPS that produces a pure sine wave at the output because my PSU has active Power Factor Compensation and from what I read, it doesn't work with pseudo-sine wave output. So, my ...
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UPS that supplies 50W for 10hrs?

I have a line-powered (standard AC) device that sinks 50W in steady-state and I need to power it for 10 hours in case of service interruption. I'm assuming that I can use, say, a 500W UPS (50W * 10hr ...
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Personal computer UPS

I'm considering buying new UPS for my PC. I'm hoping the new UPS can still hold power for around 15-30 minutes so my computer can properly shutdown. It should also come with surge protection. My PC ...
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