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Use this tag in reference to any external test equipment needed to verify or troubleshoot systems. This includes voltmeters, USB Volt/Amp meters, Ethernet cable testers, even Smartphone apps that show WiFi signal strength.

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How to test hardware issue in a smartphone Android? [closed]

My smartphone (SM-A426B/DS) has the famous issue of boot-looping. I introduced it to a specialist of mobile repairs, he told me that it's a matter of motherboard so he cannot do anything (it means he ...
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Device for testing real capacity and speed of MicroSD cards

There is a problem - microSD cards are often faked, the real capacity is many times less than on the label. I am engaged in video surveillance, for me fakes is critical problem. Before installing a ...
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Li-Ion Polymer battery capacity tester - like Opus Bt-3100 for 18650

What Searching for capacity tester for LiPo batteries, which runs full cycle (charge, discharge, charge) and displays accurate battery capacity. I am looking for same features as Opus BT-C3100, which ...
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Networkcableanalyser RJ45

I am searching for a networkcable analyser for CAT5e to CAT6 STP cables, 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s speeds. We are making the connectors ourselfes and it comes to problems from time to time and I need an ...
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Phone line activity/status/indicator test equipment

I'm working on a software package that operates a landline modem through AT commands. The program snoops Caller Id and kills the call when a telemarketers calls. The program also reports the call to ...
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Voltmeter with USB/RS232

I hope this is the right SE, otherwise I might post it on electrical. I am searching for a voltmeter with a digital output, either RS232 or USB. The ones I came around are very costly for my purpose. ...
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