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Is there a "lite" version of the Yamaha RX-V679(BL)?

A while ago, I asked this question, wondering if there was a good A/V receiver that could meet my needs. I received a helpful answer, but forgot about it because of school. I'm back looking for A/V ...
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Is it possible to connect a TV to a PC surround sound system

I recently bought an LG 49UH6030 4K TV. I've also had for quite a while a Creative Inspire T6600 6.1 surround sound speaker system. My TV has a mini-jack output and an optical output. I would really ...
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A/V receiver that can increase the level of LFE channel mixed into front left and right channels output in case when no subwoofer is used

In the few A/V receivers I have used, if they are configured not to use the subwoofer, the LFE (.1) channel is mixed into the front left, right speakers. There is an option in the menu to decrease the ...
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Desktop Microfone spec decent for small business presentation

I have an assus prime my motherboard I am using Ubuntu... I don't know if it matters. I need to know a good microfone for small presentation. I bought the cheapeast lapel microphone. I it seems I was ...
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Looking for a sound system

I'm looking for a sound system for my garage (2-car Extended with an extra room). I want it to be strong enough to fill the space with sound over the top of whatever i may be doing at the time within ...
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Office network with Sound system

I am looking for recommendations for a sound system for our new office. It has to have at least 4 zones with at least an input from each zone and be able to run 10 "ceiling speakers". I want to ...
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Is there a audio wireless home system

I would like to set up a wireless audio set up for my home, i have 3 room in which i would like to have speakers so i could listen to music. I would like these speakers to be able to connect ...
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Integrated Amp Configuration

I have a Peachtree Audio DAC, and a sonos Connect Amp. I went with the Peachtree Audio to have the benefits of the 'warmer' effects on my digital media. And I went with the Sono Connect Amp to be able ...
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Car radio which equalizes voice volume on talk radio

I listen to a lot of talk radio when I drive. It is very frustrating when one talker seems to whisper and one to almost shout The radio stations seem to do nothing about this. In fact my favourite ...
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Is there an HDMI voice-activated device that can play Spotify?

I have an older sound system in my living room and I'm looking for a voice activated spotify player that wont require me to have my TV on or use my phone. I want to de-screen as much as possible and I ...
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I have lost the subwoofer's speakers and cables, what can I do?

About 15 years ago I bought a great subwoofer of the model Altec Lansing ATP3 3-Piece Speaker System. Since then I have lost the subwoofer's speakers and cables, what can I do? I recall that the ...
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AVR + Hi-Fi speakers?

I'm moving into a new home and I'd like to buy a TV and a sound system for the living room. I'd like to use my sound system to: Listen to music (say, playing from my phone via bluetooth) Use with the ...
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