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Questions tagged [smartcards]

For questions related to cryptographic chip-based cards used to carry out security-critical operations (typically on a computer).

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Thin Clients that support hardware authentication tokens (Smart Card, NFC etc)

we are looking to overhaul the hardware in use in our warehouse environment. I would like to go for thin clients, with a browser only interface (the only app these clients will be accessing is a web ...
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Dual-interface JavaCard on wafer with ECDSA (and I2C)

I'm looking for a JavaCard model that supports dual-interface (ISO 7816+14443), with ECDSA acceleration and optionally I2C interface. Available in wafer for custom NFC antenna and flip-chipping. Do ...
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Smart cards for encrypting/decrypting using AES or TripleDES or RSA?

I need some hardware device (not as big as a Thales or Atalla HSM), something like a smart card (with USB preferably) to encrypt and decrypt small texts (around 64 bytes). I didn't find much in a ...
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HDMI KVM for Keyboards with Integrated Smart Card Reader

This is my first question in this website. I have a Lenovo PC with integrated smart card reader keyboard (single USB cable), and a MacBook Pro. I would like to switch between the two via an HDMI KVM ...
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What is a good Smartcard for home use?

I'm always looking for ways to improve my security in the internet. As I'm also a programmer and somewhat active on InfoSec and Crypto I decided that a smart card is the way to go. I'm thereby ...
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