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For questions relating to hardware specialised for tasks within the realm of any type of signal processing.

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Are there now 64-bit processors that deal with denorms routinely with no exception or interrupt?

Title says it all. Are there processors with FPUs that deal with denorms arithmetically correctly (don't assume they're zero nor flush them to zero) and don't cause an exception? I would be interested ...
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Oscilloscope for pants pocket

I am looking for an oscilloscope which: fits in my pants pocket (so maximum 14x8x3 cm, less preferred) has FFT for spectrum can save waveform has analog bandwidth 10MHz or more is ready to use ...
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Magnetic field sensor

I have an oscilloscope which measures voltage changes up to 10 Mhz analog bandwidth. My existing 30-winding search coil shows 570kHz everywhere, so I need a better probe to use with that oscilloscope. ...
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USB DAC with Parametric EQ?

For a while now, I've had a 10-band graphic EQ as an ALSA output device on a Raspberry Pi (, to try and correct my ...
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What spectrum analyzer can detect Wireless AD?

Wireless AD now has a 60GHz frequency band. Because of its immense bandwidth, I'd like to measure, how much ElectroMagnetic Radiation I am exposed to when I am in its vicinity. However, the EMR ...
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Laser rangefinder (laser tape) for indoor - low range but high accuracy

Looking for a recommendation from users who personally tested some laser rangefinders (laser-tape). (So do not want recommendations based on the device specifications - (marketing blabla)) Criteria: ...
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Audio DSP that can capture and output on the ultrasonic range

I'm looking for a software programmable DSP embedded platform that is relatively cheap, and can be used for capturing and driving speakers at least on the 60-70 kHz frequency. Any suggestions?
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CPU (or IC) recommendation for independent use (without PC components) for Speech recognition and computer vision over Wifi

I have been doing some hands on in AI and Computer Vision lately (using OpenNLP, OpenCV, etc). All these experiments were done on my PC (Intel dual core 8GB DDR2). But, now I want to use some ...
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I2C Bus Analyzer

I am looking for some hardware that analyzes the quality of I²C signals voltage data signal quality (quality of the rectangle) clock signal quality (quality of the rectangle) potentially other ...
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Connecting old analogue devices to modern digital TV

I have some old devices (eg. retro gaming units etc.) that connect via an analogue RF antenna connection. What devices are recommended to convert the signal to work with modern digital televisions? (...
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Is there a monitor or converter I can use to watch 4 video outputs on one screen?

I have many video outputs that I would like to simultaneously overview with a control monitor, but I don't want to buy a monitor for each video output itself. So I'm looking for a similar solution ...
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