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Use this in reference to the Small Computer Systems Interface. This includes hard drives, CD drives, and whole large systems that use the SCSI standard.

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SCSI Drives to SATA for NAS Server

I have a used server. It has SCSI drives. I want to repurpose it as a NAS server and I have WD Red Hard drives. Is there a way for me to change SCSI drives with SATA? Details # dmidecode 2.10 SMBIOS 2....
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No SCSI Drive detected - is the cable to long (4m)?

I have a LSI20320IE controller ( here are the Specifications ) in an PCI-express slot and a LTO3 Ultrium HP TAPEDRIVE under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a DELL OPTIPLEX 9020 MT ( Manual ). I have a 4 meters ...
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Novice-Question: is this a 68pol mini SCSI Sub D socket in this controller?

I have this SCSI controller LSI20320IE SCSI-Controller and would like to know what SCSI cable is the right one. I want to connect a LTO2 with 68 pol female. Is that a 68 pol MINI SUB D SCSI socket ( I ...
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HD68 -> HD68 SCSI Cable with angle

I trying to source an HD68 (Female) -> HE68 (Female) SCSI cable (2 meters) with one end of the cable with a 90 degree angle for an instrument we are using. If does not matter if the 90 is a right of ...
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SCSI (SAS) hard disk on SATA port? [closed]

I have a 72GB (15k RPM) SCSI (SAS) HDD from a server machine that I got from a friend which I want to use in my desktop, mainly as the OS drive, but my desktop has only SATA ports. Some online ...
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