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What does the Cross-Platform Rating on PassMark mean? What kind of performance does it reflect?

What does the Cross-Platform Rating in a Price performance comparison page of a CPU on PassMark mean? What kind of performance does it reflect? It seems the kind of performance it reflects is more ...
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What economical motherboard best supports upgrading AMD Ryzen 5 3400G to Ryzen 9 3950X in the future?

A few firsts here. This is my first question on SE (so also first question on Hardware Recommendations), and also my first computer build, so feel free to correct me if I'm off-base! That said, I am ...
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2GB (64 bit) GPU vs 4GB (128 bit) GPU

I was looking at this specific GPU named RX 550 / Radeon 550. Later I found out that is two variants. 2GB DDR5 and 4GB DDR5. Then I realized one more difference: 2GB variant has 64 bit memory ...
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Linux Notebook with AMD Ryzen CPU, dedicated AMD GPU, USB4

I am using a Lenovo L14 AMD since quite a while, and while Linux support was wonky in the beginning it finally works well. Using it for media creation work is not ideal though, as the CPU and GPU ...
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Wanted: Linux-friendly AM4 motherboard, multiple M.2 slots, without Realtek

An upgrade of another PC left me w/ components to reuse in this PC. I'd like to think before buying. I need an AM4 socket motherboard, and want a Linux-friendly (Debian family) build for ...
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i7-1355U or R7-7730U As a Plex Media Server?

I have been picking between... Requirements: I hate noise so i need it to be fanless It will be a 24/7 Plex server It needs to be able to transcode 4K HDR videos - Score higher than 17000 I will ...
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Recommend me a good CPU for this motherboard with GPU on board

The mobo is Motherboard Colorful A320M-K PRO (Soket Am4 DDR4 ) The mobo cannot handle Ryzen 5. But can handle Ryzen 3. The list of cost effective CPU is
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Question about the CPU "Ryzen 9 7950X3D" [closed]

I bought a new PC: my mainboard is the "ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI", and the CPU is the "Ryzen 9 7950X3D". According to the homepage of ASUS, the mainboard supports my CPU only ...
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13.75ns CL in Dual Rank vs 12.5ns CL in Single Rank (2Rx8 vs 1Rx8)

Which would be a better choice for gaming/video editing in a 32GB SODIMM kit (2x16GB) on HP Victus running Ryzen 5600H: A higher CAS latency on a dual rank (& dual channel) memory or a lower CAS ...
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Does performance and quality of watching videos on YouTube, browsing, working with office or IDE are very sensitive to size of VRAM?

Laptops with integrated AMDGPU (Vega 3, Vega 6) have different size of VRAM. Some models have dynamical automatic size that depended from size of RAM (4GB RAM - 0.5GB VRAM, 16GB RAM - 2GB VRAM etc) ...
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Amd Cpu Or Apu Under 10k

I'm going to build a pc for video editing, android studio and gaming at 1080p in future by adding gtx 1650 super but am confused between 3 processors Ryzen 5 1600 at 8200 Rs Ryzen 5 3500 at 10000 Rs ...
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Cpu support for the asus PRIME A520M-A II CSM

Im thinking on buy several motherboards A520M-A II CSM , but I don't know if these are able to support the Ryzen 5 5600G and the Ryzen 7 5700G. In the cpu list support only appear the Ryzen 5 5600GE (...
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I'm having a research. A comparison of two laptops. Which is better?

I am wondering price wise which is better? An **AMD Ryzen 7 5600h (HP VICTUS) with 8gb ddr5 48mhz NVIDIA RTX 3050 4GB ** or an intel core i5 11400H with a 16gb ddr4 32 mhz NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti 4GB? (...
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