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For questions about hardware that can be used to perform rendering tasks.

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Does GTX 1650 encode/render videos at better speed/performance than RX 6500 XT?

I've heard a lot on YouTube reviews that 6500 XT is better than GTX 1650 but there's one bad thing about it. 6500 XT renders video at very slow speed especially in Premiere Pro (maybe rendering is ...
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NVIDIA RTX GPU via BOOTCAMP or AMD GPU via macOS Metal rendering

Should I use a NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti for Blender Cycles X via BOOTCAMP, or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT via Metal macOS Rendering (when it is officially released) Computer specs: Intel Core i5-8210Y 8GB LPDDR3 ...
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CPU recomendation for animator`s computer

I am helping my brother build a budget computer for his studies as animator. Right now the budget is very low, so I opted to buy a good CPU to futureproof any of his needs and buy a better graphics ...
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GPU theory - games vs video rendering

I'm looking for a gaming computer that will render the sharpest 4K videos of outdoor scenes well, and I'm wondering how the reviews of how GPUs do with games relate to that. I've found the Digital ...
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Should I go for better processor or better GPU for graphics rendering?

I need a new laptop. I am not considering building a desktop. I work with 3D modeling of furniture/ambients and rendering software such as sketchup/vray and I need mobility. Should I invest in a ...
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Best graphic cards and eGPUs for MacBook Pro 15" mid-2015

I'm looking for external GPU options for a power boost for a mid-2015 MacBook Pro 15 inch. It is used for animation production and 3D rendering, using software such as Aftereffects and Maya. I don't ...
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Lenovo ideapad 320 or Asus ROG for graphic/web design?

I need some advice on the laptop for design. I'm in between two options, more or less equal in price. What i use it for UX/UI design, hence Photoshop with tens of artboards (here is the adoby info ...
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What laptop should I buy for rendering/3d modeling?

I work with Maya/3DsMax and Redshift/Vray (usually Redshift, rendering on a graphics card). I need to buy a powerful mobile workstation so I can render things quickly. Which parameters should I look ...
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What CPU goes well for rendering / gaming on a RX 470 aside from the i3 6100?

I bought this RX 470 recently for a good price, and now for Black Friday I am buying something that I intend not to bottleneck my GPU for gaming. After browsing for a long time, I see many people ...
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external graphic card for pc(windows) [closed]

After I invested on a laptop to start graphic designing I ended up finding out that AMD wasn't good for it and that my computer's power isn't enough(AMD doesn't support openGL render and I have just ...
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Two GTX 970 or one 980 Ti for GPU rendering and VR?

What would you recommend for rendering on GPU (iray, V-Ray RT, VRED) and doing some VR; two GTX 970 or one GTX980 Ti card? I can get these setups for roughly the same price. Cuda cores 970: 2x1664 = ...
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Recommendation for processors specialized for rendering and encoding

I have a "Intel Pentium CPU G2030 @ 3.0GHz" processor, and a "Intel HD Graphics" graphics card. General CPU info Cores = 2 Threads = 2 Bus speed = 99.76MHz Max TDP = 55.0W ...
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A portable workstation for 3D rendering

I am looking for a laptop that would be very high-end graphic wise, and that can be used for rendering and 3D modeling. There are a LOT of high-end laptop reviews out there, but most are gaming-...
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Graphics card for new college computer

I am going to be building a computer for a college student. He is going into general engineering while he figures out exactly what he wants to do. The budget for this computer is about $1500 USD (just ...
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