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Questions tagged [raid-controller]

For questions about devices used to manage and operate RAID drive arrays either on-board or externally.

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Two SSDs RAID 0 SATA2 on Dell T5500

I'm upgrading an old Dell T5500... This workstation has built in RAID control, but the controller is only SATA2. I already have two new mechanical 2TB drives, 7200rpm which I plan to mirror in RAID 1. ...
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HBA/JBOD SAS/SATA controller

I'm looking for 16+ ports sata 3.0 controller for disks already initialized from Windows 10 (with GPT and NTFS volume) for pcie 3.0 motherboard, and I want to access to the data without any change (no ...
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Cheap RAID controller for ESXi

I'm planning to create a small homelab with ESXi 6.7U3: CPU: I3 9100 Motherboard: Gigabyte B360N RAM: 16GB DDR4 VM storage: 2 SATA SSD Boot ESXi from 16 GB USB key Is there any ESXi 6.7 compatible ...
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External 2,5" 2-bay RAID USB3 Enclosure with hdparm/udisksctl power-off support

It's unbelievably hard to find external 2,5" 2-bay RAID enclosures, but apparently it's impossible to find such an enclosure with hdparm/udisksctl support. I just want to spin down and power off the ...
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Does exist a SD card disk array? [closed]

I need a disk array like those which we can just add a new hard disk but using sd cards rather than disk. Does it exist?
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PCIe v3.0 SATA-III controller

I'm looking for a PCIe-based SATA card, to add more internal SATA-III ports. While a great many of them exist, most are based on an old Marvell series of controllers or the equivalent ASMedia (ASM1061?...
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Performant M.2 SATA PCIe Adapter Card That Takes Multiple M.2 SSDs—Preferably RAID-capable

I’ve found a product that I may want to purchase since I have spare M.2 SATA SSDs lying around: PEXM2SAT3422 I’m hoping to find out if something better exists out on the market. ...
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Should I choose 5400rpm or 7200rpm hdds for setup RAID 1 on B450 AMD Chipset board

I have ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F which uses the AMD B450 chipset, I plan on adding 2 SATA drives in a RAID 1 configuration and am trying to determine if there is any advantage to using 7200rpm drives. I ...
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SATA PCIe Controller Card

I’m looking for an affordable SATA PCIe controller card that I can use only PC. I have 4 x 3TB 3.5” SATA hard drives and want to be able to use them on the new card. I have read a review of some ...
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Replacing ArecaRAID ARC-1231ML

I have a server with 12 harddisk slots, currently using an Areca ARC-1231ML card, with a large RAID-6 spanning 8 disks and a few passthroughs. The tiny CPU on that board is obviously not capable of ...
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Need a modern SATA controller for 12 drives (end of 2016)

I am looking for a SATA controller capable of handling at least 12 drives for a custom personal cloud build. There are a couple good (and cheap) ones that look good on newegg, but the reviews indicate ...
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HBA with flash backed cache and FreeBSD driver? ( for use with FreeNAS)

I'm looking for an HBA with write caching, and data loss protection for the cache, that's suitable for FreeNAS. The disks will mainly be writing/sync, so fast write response is useful. Its easy to ...
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PCI-e SATA III controller with 4 ports

On my motherboard no SATA3 controller. I want to purchase a separate high-quality controller that can simultaneously process 4 SSD drives at maximum speed and performance. Required the controller to ...
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Cheap RAID 5 controller for Dell T7500 to use 3 500GB drives over 4 500GB drives in RAID 10

I currently have a Dell T7500. The onboard RAID card can do RAID 0, 1, 10. I would like to create a 1TB partition that has redundancy out of SSD's. Currently I would be able to use 2 1 TB with RAID ...
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Cost Effective/Performance Raid Setup For Video Production

I just built a new machine based on an Asus x99a/3.1 motherboard and 5820 cpu. I do video production and web development. Im running windows 10 and my main os drive is a samsung 950 pro 512mb (...
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Low-cost RAID 5 Linux controller card

I have 6x320GB HDD and I was considering to create a RAID 5 system (it's for storage only). I use Ubuntu 14.04 and I want to ask what RAID controller card allows for 6 (or more) ports without ...
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Freenas VS commercial NAS: what hardware would you reccomand? [closed]

I need to build a Raid 5 NAS system mainly for storage. I am considering to use FreeNas server: what hardware would you recommend for a system with 5 HDD (total 3.5TB)? I also have a pc sitting in ...
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RAID card that can do SSD caching, 4kn, UEFI

I currently have four identically sized HDDs in RAID-10 on an Adaptec 8805. Unfortunately this controller can't do read/write caching of the array's blocks on SSDs attached to the RAID controller. I ...
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Are RAID controllers interchangeable? Is data recoverable with a different controller? [closed]

In my case I have been using Raid 1 Mirroring with two disks on an onboard controller of a motherboard that recently dropped dead. Now I'm looking for a replacement motherboard, but I'm a bit worried ...
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