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Questions tagged [quiet-computing]

For questions related to hardware that is very quiet or makes existing hardware quieter. Use the [silent] tag if absolute silence, not just quietness, is the question's focus.

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Can someone recommend a laptop that fits my needs?

As a person who doesn’t buy new digital devices often, I am not familiar with the best choices in the market right now nor with the hardware part of different products. As a freshman Cybersecurity ...
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What is a good laptop for game development in 2021/2022? (Unity)

I am a computer science student who has done game development for a decent time now, but I have been doing it on a Alienware M15 R2. It works pretty well still. The problem is I also use it for school ...
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Laptop GPU Noise

Around two years ago, I bought a new laptop with a GPU that can support applications going beyond regular office software. Over time, it turned out to not have been a great choice of hardware. Even ...
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Are any onboard sound interfaces finally good enough for recording?

I am a music lover shopping for a new A/V computer. For twenty years (!!) I have been using an M-Audio "Audiophile 2496" PCI sound interface for recording from vinyl at home. I don't need any of the ...
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Quiet/fanless computer

I want to buy a computer which is quiet, i.e. I can leave it in my bedroom without noticing it (under normal load; I might rarely do some heavy processing, where I can accept that I would hear the fan,...
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Cheap, quiet (single-board?) Linux computer to act as a Borg backup target

With the demise of Crashplan for Linux I need a system for backing up my home desktop. My intent is to run a local backup server to guard against things like hard drive crashes and then use offsite ...
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Quiet, cheap and effective low-profile cooler

I understand that I am looking for the best of many worlds here, but if I can satisfy these criteria it would be a huge help to me. I recently bought a CPU cooler to replace the stock Intel one that ...
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School laptop (non-gaming)

I'm going to begin an additional 3 years of school in September, and I was thinking about buying a laptop i could use for the next 3 years or more if possible. My budget is 600€. The point is that I ...
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Recommended enterprise server for build, CI and CPU intensive tasks

I'm looking for a server capable of performing the following tasks: Can be used as a build-server (we have several developers using Microsoft Team Foundation Services) Continuous integration of ...
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Which laptop should I buy

I am a normal laptop user (Linux). Most of my work is text editing, internet surfing, and movie watching. I want to buy a new laptop with a cost of 500 Euros. According to my work I do not think I ...
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Intel i3 6100 compatible components for a non gamer? [closed]

I want to build an Intel i3 6100 PC. I don't play games at all. Usually, i use the PC 24/7. I do lot of internet surfing and downloading. Sometimes, i use photoshop, i do audio remixing and other ...
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Quiet 140 mm (black case + white propeller) case fans

I'm looking for two kind of fans which I will mount in Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX (white). I'm looking for quitest fans meeting following requirements: First one (back out fan): - 140mm - black ...
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Quiet, no moving parts laptop/tablet that can run Linux?

I'm looking for a laptop without any mechanical moving parts (don't need CD; will use SSD), particularly without a fan because a fan is noisy or becomes noisy after a while. Preferably 13-15'', ...
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Graphics card with quiet fans

In this question I received the response to which graphics model should I go with. Now, as I started calculating using this decibel calculator, the fact that I am trying to buy quiet 8.9 dB fans (...
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2 answers

The quietest PSU under 100 USD

Currently I plan buying the components below: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO (Z170 3xPCI-E DDR4) Intel i5-6500 3.20GHz 6MB with 212 EVO A-DATA 240GB 2,5'' SATA SSD Premier SP550 GeForce GTX960 4096MB 128bit OC ...
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Cheap, Quiet and up-gradable Steam OS compatible Motherboard

I am looking to build a Steam OS box, I would like to run 'light' native Steam OS games and stream the rest from my powerful windows box. What are my options for a motherboard that fits the ...
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Quiet ATI graphics card

My current graphics card is a Radeon HD 5770, and is by far the loudest part of my computer. I'm looking for something quieter. Requirements. As quiet as possible, though I'm uncertain if my case's ...
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