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For questions about central processing units (CPUs) used in anything from micro-PCs to servers and workstations.

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Help updating PC for gaming

I am planning to update my PC by December, but I have some doubts. This is what I have now: Motherboard: Asus H77-Pro4-M (Socket 1155) CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti ...
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Recommendation for processors specialized for rendering and encoding

I have a "Intel Pentium CPU G2030 @ 3.0GHz" processor, and a "Intel HD Graphics" graphics card. General CPU info Cores = 2 Threads = 2 Bus speed = 99.76MHz Max TDP = 55.0W ...
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Which would make a greater difference? Extra CPU or RAM?

I am building a PC specifically for programming. I mainly use Android Studio and Eclipse which are both quite heavy programs. This is why I would like to get a better CPU / more RAM. Which of the ...
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What's a good budget CPU for use in a home server?

I'm looking to build a cheap but expandable server I can set up in my basement and use to store backups, stream media (Plex), and perform other miscellaneous services on my network. While I haven't ...
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Replacement motherboard in fried laptop [closed]

So basically I have a laptop with a fried motherboard. Everything else works: HDD, RAM, CPU, screen etc. Replacing the motherboard is too expensive because it's half the price of the laptop and I'm ...
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10 votes
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What advantages do either of the G50 and Z50 have over one another?

I am thinking about upgrading my laptop and I cannot decide between the two following Lenovo laptops: Lenovo G50 Lenovo Z50 Both laptops are priced at £499. One contains an AMD FX-7500 APU, an R7 ...
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15 votes
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Which modern CPU for best single-threaded performance?

Which of modern (desktop PC) CPUs would provide best performance in single-threaded applications? There are some games that haven't been optimized for multi-core use, and the CPU speed is their ...
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Should I find a processor with "hyper-threading?" [closed]

The Intel Core i7 processor has a feature known as "hyper-threading." Quoting their website: Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology)1 uses processor resources more efficiently, ...
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