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Questions tagged [processor-architecture]

For questions about devices using a specific processor architecture, like x86 or x64.

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Minimum requirements to power 2 USB-C monitiors on ARM architecture

I have 2 USB-C monitors where the computer powers and provide data transfer to both. I use a lot of progressive web apps as part of my day to day. MS Teams as one, is a major resource hog and without ...
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Does Intel manufacture older generations of Intel Core processors?

I recently did a little research on several different industrial embedded computers for a project that I am working on. It turns out that a lot of these industrial fan less PCs can be purchased with ...
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What is the best choice for car speedometer? [closed]

For a while, I am wondering to develop a car speedometer screen. There are so many free open source choices (Qt sample, raspberry Pi, etc ). All these free solutions are based on a CPU and operating ...
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What is CPU architecture? [closed]

I'd like to ask you what is CPU architecture, in an oversimplified way. I'm learning node.js and recently I saw a code console.log(os.arch()). The result was x64. What does that x means? Thank you!
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Machine Learning System Configuration (Hardware Configuration)

I am working on machine learning project where I used 500K images to train the model. I am using lib-linear SVM(Support Vector Machine) With HOG (Feature Descriptor). HOG take 128X 128 images as input ...
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Which processor has a better performance the fx series or the ryzen series?

Yo there, Im building a system to use linux, write in latex, documents, databases , programming,, virtualization and watch videos and images (2D) but Im stuck at the processor, between a fx 6300 that ...
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Is there a non-x86 processor that can be purchased by the average joe individually?

Definition of "processor:" A CPU that has to be attached to a motherboard. May or may not have integrated graphics. Does not contain other computer parts such as memory (other than parts crucial to ...
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cheapest ARM computer capable of running a Linux Desktop smoothly

I need enough power to connect to the internet and run programs like Libreoffice. I've actually got a Raspberry Pi2, and considering it's cost the performance is amazing, but still, it's a bit ...
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Looking for MIPS-based computer (netbook or similar gadget) for studying JVM multithreading

I am studying JVM multi-threading and I need to try it on other architectures, Arm is already abandoned so I am searching for with a netbook or other small computing device. Can anyone recommend ...
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What cheaper CPU do you suggest for compiling C++ code binaries for Xeon E5 2600 v3?

I need to produce C++ code binaries to be used on a cluster with Xeon E5 2600 v3 dual-socket nodes. For confidentiality reasons the binaries can only be compiled locally so we have to build a smaller ...
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Which Intel CPU? 3.3GHz x 6 or 4GHz x 4

I'm currently choosing parts for my new computer. I'm doing a lot of image processing and some of my algorithms are parallelized. In my free-time, I'm additionally up for some gaming. My current ...
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How can I evaluate processor performance when comparing processors? [closed]

My second to last laptop was a Core2Duo 2.4 GHz processor. I have recently purchased a new laptop, which has 2.5 GHz i7 processors (the new model Macbook Pro). It it fairly obvious that a 5-year ...
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