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For questions about devices used to convert an electrical power flow from one specification to another.

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Powering 5 fans from 230V wall power

I need to power 4x40mm 2-pin (already owned) and 1x120mm fans (the 120 I still need to buy, so it can either be a 3 or 4-pin), from 230V wall power (EU socket). I was thinking of using these ...
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Is using a power bank at higher intensity risky? [duplicate]

I have a Packard Bell ZG5 with a 19V, 1.58A (30W) charger. I'd like to be able to connect it to some power bank to increase the battery life (spare parts are very expensive), so I have found this ...
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International Anker power plug parts

Does anybody know whether you can acquire international plug parts for Anker chargers like the '735 GaN Prime'? It looks like the front connector could be replaced (on some products like this one) but ...
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How to supply jetson tx2 with dji matrice 100 battery?

I want to put my jetson tx2 dev kit on the drone but i don't know how to supply the jetson using drone's battery. I think i need a dc/dc regulator (converter) cause the jetson require at most 19.6V, ...
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Alternatives to UPS to protect a computer from unstable electricity [closed]

I live in a place where the electricity quality is poor. If I plug my desktop computer directly into the wall, it ends up damaged after some days due to unstable electricity. I have used an UPS for ...
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Charger for my Mac [closed]

As discussed in this question, a US to Europe Plug Converter Travel Charger Adapter for Apple iBook/MacBook could be used. However, this particular entry in Amazon would cost ~14$ and I am located in ...
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Small 220V to 110V power converter?

In my country, power comes in 220V by default. My original 3DS charger only accepts 110V power. I'm taking my 3DS everywhere, so I can't bring the big power converter I already have at home. Is there ...
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