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Questions tagged [power-bank]

For questions about devices that store power to later supply another device.

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5V, ~3A - 18650 li-ion battery bundle charger/balancer

I have a 15600MAh battery pack that came in one of my devices. Long story short, the controller circuit that charges the batteries was fried in a power outage, but the batteries are still good. I have ...
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External battery backup for mac mini's AC power cord

I have a mac mini that I am now using as a server, and I need to prevent data corruption in case of blackouts, brownouts, power cuts, etc. I first wanted to use some battery backup PSU, but my ...
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Why can't I find a USB-C powerbank for my laptop?

I've been digging around for a few weeks now and I've been unable to find a powerbank to support my Thinkpad so I can be "off grid" longer than a couple hours. The specs I'm looking for seem ...
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power bank charging while being charged

I'm using Tecknet 16750mAh power banks to provide power to Raspberry Pis. I'm really happy with them. Power is provided uninterrupted when the bank is being charged, when the bank charging power goes ...
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Power Bank Recommendation

I use my Google Nexus 6P to take some HDR+ photos while travelling, and it drains considerable battery power. I am looking for a power bank probably 20000 mAh or more. But I am not aware of any ...
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Running a Mini-ITX Computer with a picoPSU-80 from a power bank possible?

To begin, this is related to a project I wanted to do after getting some free hardware from someone. I would like to be able to run this computer from a power bank if possible, although I'm not too ...
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