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Questions tagged [poe]

PoE stands for power over Ethernet. For questions about hardware that receives and sends information and power through an Ethernet cable.

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I am looking for an affordable outdoor security PoE camera from a western brand

I am looking for an outdoor security video camera. Requirements: The camera was designed by a western brand (software & electric). It doesn't matter where it was manufactured. (I don't want to ...
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POE to WiFi adaptor

I have an outdoor camera that needs POE. There is power and WiFi, but no ability to run ethernet. Is there a device that can connect to the WiFi and provide POE (power and data) to the camera?
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PoE to USB Type-C with both power and network?

I can find all the bits and bobs to cobble together something myself, but it would seem that an all in one unit would be a really handy, and obvious, product. Does anyone know of such a device on the ...
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16-port 19" rackmount PoE Switch with low noise

I'm looking for a switch with at least 12-16 ports, Gigabit that supports Power over Ethernet on at least 4 of it's ports that can be rack-mounted (19") and it ideally is fanless or has very low noise....
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Connecting 2 APs using PoE compatibility concerns [closed]

I would like to set up 2 access points that would be creating WiFi network for me. My preference was to buy MikroTik hAP ac lite TC (RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC) with MikroTik mAP (RBmAP2nD). The 1st one would ...
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Raspberry Pi 3B+ PoE Amplifier Suggestion

I have been looking around and haven't been able to find an answer to this so hoping you guys can help. I have been tasked with finding a way to power a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (using the PoE Hat) as well ...
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Switch that can be powered over Ethernet?

We are looking for an 8 port switch that can be powered over ethernet. Looks like a device like this is a powered device (PD). I've heard that cisco makes switch products like this but don't know how ...
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What parts make up a cctv installation at home?

I've scoured the internet and understand the following for cctv installation at home. 1. IP Camera(s) (Bullet or Dome) 2. POE Switch to power the IP Camera(s) Now I'm undecided on the following ...
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I need a POE switch that can supply four 32w cameras + one 12w camera

I'm digging my way through all the brands and models trying to find a (preferably unmanaged) POE switch that will let me plug in four 32w IP cameras + one 12w IP camera. Any recommendations? Thanks ...
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Wireless Client Bridge and POE PSE in one brick

We have a telecommuting employee who will be using an 802.3af-compliant IP phone at her desk, but she doesn't sit close to her router. In the past, we gave these types of employees a 802.3af POE ...
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1080p PoE IP Camera for NVR

I have a Lorex NVR and half a dozen of their 1080p PoE (Cat6) IP Cameras that are now over two years old. Image quality leaves something to be desired, and I'd like to get adjustable lenses so I can ...
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