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For questions about devices that use near-field communication for data transfer.

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NFC wand (or shield, or other) for Raspberry Pi

I am developing a system to register visitors. The visitors wear a wristband containing an NFC tag. In order to read the tag, I am currently using a cheap Samsung Android phone, with built in NFC ...
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Inexpensive NFC reader for (Windows & Linux) login

I see cheap NFC rings on eBay and elsewhere. I was wondering if there is a very cheap NFC reader which I could use to detect such a ring and use it as an HID keyboard (probably over USB) to input my ...
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Wired NFC tag that is dynamic and programmable

I'd like to send files from a computer (via my software) to an NFC tag (that can be read by an iPhone, similar to Apple Pay), but also be able to overwrite that same tag with another file on demand. ...
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Dual-interface JavaCard on wafer with ECDSA (and I2C)

I'm looking for a JavaCard model that supports dual-interface (ISO 7816+14443), with ECDSA acceleration and optionally I2C interface. Available in wafer for custom NFC antenna and flip-chipping. Do ...
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Thin Clients that support hardware authentication tokens (Smart Card, NFC etc)

we are looking to overhaul the hardware in use in our warehouse environment. I would like to go for thin clients, with a browser only interface (the only app these clients will be accessing is a web ...
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hands-free Android NFC reader

I am looking for an Android device with NFC reader capabilities, which must be rugged (professional outdoor use) and possibly leaving the operator with free hands. My first choice would be a ...
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Homemade NFC scanning antenna?

I have been reading about NFC and was wondering If it was possible to make a NFC scanner antenna to read NFC signals from a further distance. I do understand that the N in NFC stands for Near that's ...
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Apple security fob

I work with a software development team inside local government. Our team have developed an app for Apple IPhone 6 SE with Cordova that requires carers to "check-in" to client visits. Clients ...
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