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15" - 16" Laptop or Mobile Workstation with Display that is guaranteed not to use PWM

I had to let go of my Macbook Pro M2max because my eyes do not support the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) used by the screen. So I'm back looking for an Intel Laptop (which is what I've been using for ...
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2022 - External GPU + Laptop Recommendation

Workflows = deep learning, machine learning. Base req: 32GB ram, more + faster cores = better, windows GPU: 4080/4090 I'm looking for the best External GPU encolsure, GPU and Laptop* recommendations ...
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Seeking hardware recommendations for switching between Mac laptop and Windows workstation using multi-monitor setup

(x-post from stackexchange/superuser) Here is my current setup at home: For now, I am able to connect remotely to my work computer at the office, both via my Mac work laptop and my Windows desktop. ...
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Is Nvidia's GEFORCE GTX 1650 suitable for scientific computing and simulation?

I use LinuxMint OS, and work with Fortran, Python, and Openfoam for scientific computing and fluid dynamics simulation. I am buying a new laptop from ASUS that has GEFORCE GTX 1650 (4 GB) card (fits ...
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Which laptop hardware setup is the fastest and most optimized for programming?

I'll be buying a new laptop and while searching for information for the best configuration I haven't yet found one website where there is clear real-world use-case information regarding the best setup ...
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Mobile device without a wireless interface to store sensitive informations

I am looking for a small mobile device to display a list of sensitive information. The storage of the device must be encryptable and the user must first enter a PIN to decrypt the storage at boot ...
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Quadro M2200 vs GTX 1080 Workstation Laptop for AutoCAD and 3DS Maya?

I am hunting for a good bang-for-buck workstation laptop for a friend of mine, he is looking to retire his trusty laptop of 3 years, with a new laptop with a much better GPU. He is a civil and a ...
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Handheld device for programming

I know a handheld might not be the perfect device for programming, but for me it would be useful for working in short periods of time, for example while traveling, so please don't make it a debate ...
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Car / bus 12 volt wifi router external storage

Our family does long distance car travel 2 or 3 times a year. I have young kids and I load up movies and tv shows spread across all tablet and phone devices. What I'd prefer do is run a wifi router ...
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Intel Core i5 or i7 for software development?

I'm almost ready to buy a Dell XPS 15 laptop for my job as a software engineer. I work mostly with IntelliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Database Services and some other tools. I do not do 3D ...
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Cheap, mobile server

I'm looking for some cheap and mobile computer. The PC will be a server, so it needs to be able to connect to the Internet (preferably by wifi as well as ethernet), and connect to the monitor. Other ...
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Moble Internet via SIM Card on Laptop

I have a Acer R3-471T laptop running Windows 10 and would like to be able to have mobile data on it via a SIM card. Mi-Fi's, Mobile USB Dongles, etc. are not viable since my phone provider (Cricket, ...
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Superlight and powerful laptop for a programmer and a student

I'm a student and a programmer. I want to buy a laptop which I will use as a workstation. It should be very powerful as well as portable. Budget: $1750 It should have: at least 16 GB of RAM (I will ...
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A portable workstation for 3D rendering

I am looking for a laptop that would be very high-end graphic wise, and that can be used for rendering and 3D modeling. There are a LOT of high-end laptop reviews out there, but most are gaming-...
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