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For questions about devices that are used to control multiple inputs and mix down to a single (or stereo) output.

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Want unified audio hub: PC, laptop, tablet, landline, cellphone, headphones, mic, mixer for telework, vlog, gaming

I have a PC/Mac, laptop, tablet, and MP3 player set up on a multi-port desktop mixer box. (Several brands to choose from: Maker Hart, Moukey, Behringer, Mackie Mix, etc.) I choose not to go USB or ...
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Simple audio mixer

I have several computers that I plug into a stereo. With it, I can select which computer I want to listen to. But the thing is, I want to be able to listen to them all at once. There are audio mixers ...
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Receiver that can mix inputs?

I've tried to Google and searching on sites like Amazon, perhaps I don't know the right keywords. I am looking for a receiver that can mix multiple inputs. Right now I have a cheap, passive analog ...
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Engineer's headphones for PFL/AFL in a live sound environment?

We have a couple pairs of headphones we use with our GL2200 for listening to PFL/AFL during a live church service. One pair works fine, the other... does not. We want to replace the pair that doesn't ...
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Sound board to replace a GL2200 in a house-of-worship FOH setting?

We're looking for a new desk for an FOH house-of-worship setting. Right now we're using an Allen & Heath GL2200, 32-channel. We love it. It's done everything we want, but it's getting up there in ...
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