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For questions about the hardware used to store information for later use by a computing device.

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DDR4 memory - which one to choose

For the build MSI Z170A GAMING PRO (Z170 3xPCI-E DDR4) Intel i5-6500 3.20GHz 6MB BOX A-DATA 240GB 2,5'' SATA SSD Premier SP550 Monitor: Eizo FlexScan S1901 (1280 x 1024) GeForce GTX960 4096MB 128bit ...
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What's the Most Amount and Fastest RAM into an Apple MacbookPro 13" non-retina

I'd like to know two things: - Max amount of RAM and - quickest RAM that goes into a MacbookPro current (2015 second half) version which I believe is called 2012 version. I went to ...
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Avoiding rowhammer when buying DDR3 RAM

Is it possible to get DDR3 memory that's not affected by rowhammer? ECC is reportedly not a full fix and not viable since the boards I'm looking at don't support ECC anyway. I've seen claims that, ...
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Which would make a greater difference? Extra CPU or RAM?

I am building a PC specifically for programming. I mainly use Android Studio and Eclipse which are both quite heavy programs. This is why I would like to get a better CPU / more RAM. Which of the ...
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Current DDR3/DDR4 RAM Motherboards

I know of motherboards which will allow both DDR3 & DDR4 formats to be used, this would allow me to use DDR3 for a time, then in the future upgrade to DDR4. My real question is, what ...
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Potential upgrade suggestions

Currently I have a desktop running Windows 10 with the following parts seen here: CPU Intel Core i7-3820 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor; Motherboard ASRock X79 Extreme4 ATX LGA2011 Motherboard;...
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SODIMM: 1.3Vdc vs 1.3V [closed]

I am in need of some memory for my incoming Brix Pro. The spec sheet says it only accepts 1.3Vdc DDR3L. A quick shop around and I've found 1.3V DDR3L SOMDIMMs which have better timings versus 1.3Vdc. ...
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1066MHz vs. 1333MHz memory speed: how much will it impact a POV-Ray workload?

I'm planning to get a new (2nd-hand/refurbished) system for rendering large POV-Ray scenes. I'm using very large bitmaps as bump map and colormap. I'll usually be running multiple POV-Ray processes at ...
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RAM recommendation for Android Development [closed]

I am developing an Android app and have a couple physical devices, however to maximize compatibility with user's potential devices I want to run virtual machines. Currently I have 8 GB's of RAM and ...
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