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For questions about the hardware used to store information for later use by a computing device.

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Can someone recommend a low-cost Linux computer with a HDD and some RAM expandability? [closed]

I have been using a Raspberry Pi 3B as a workstation, connected to an HDMI monitor and keyboard and mouse. I use it for a variety of tasks, as a general-purpose computer. With accessories it was ...
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RAM recommendation for Android Development [closed]

I am developing an Android app and have a couple physical devices, however to maximize compatibility with user's potential devices I want to run virtual machines. Currently I have 8 GB's of RAM and ...
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LGA1366 Motherboard compatiable with Xeon E5640 Quad Core CPU?

I'm looking for a motherboard that is compatible with the CPU in question, but it must be with in my $130 Budget. I'm looking for a board suitable for budget gaming. The board must have: 2+ DDR3/...
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Additional SSD for MSI GE62 APACHE PRO?

I am planning to get the MSI GE62 Apache Pro 15.6 FHD i7-6700HQ 8GB 1TB GTX970M 3GB laptop. I also want to get an extra 128GB of SSD (so I'll have a hybrid of 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD). The problem is ...
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Is dual-channel memory or PCIe NVMe SSD more important for overall performance? [closed]

I am currently looking for a new 14" notebook and I'm choosing between the Dell E7470 and the Lenovo T460s. (Unfortunately I cannot post links to these due to <10 reputation.) Other differences ...
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Best RAM for Blender Cycles Rendering for PC I'm Getting Built?

I need a really good large RAM for a PC I want to get built meant to render Blender Cycles. Requirements: Compatibility with the MSI X399 board. Compatibility with the (non-OC'ed) AMD Ryzen ...
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Will a non-ECC memory work with motherboard and CPU that supports ECC?

I have this two components that support ECC memory: AMD RYZEN 3 1200 AMD RYZEN MSI B450M PRO-M2 On the other hand I have this memory 4 GB DDR4 2400 KINGSTON VALUE CL17 Questions Are they going to ...
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Can I have memory RAM issues if I have one slot with 8GB and another with 16GB

I have a computer with Ryzem 5, Radeon and 8GB memory RAM. I'm thinking of buying 16GB for the empty slot to have 24GB, but some people told me that if I'm not careful with memory balance in my RAM ...
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ASROCK Fatal1ty Motherboard X370: Memory support [closed] I am somewhat bit lost on figuring out which memory that motherboard does support. On one lines it say "- Supports ...
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