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For questions about any type of memory card (i.e. not USB flash drives): SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, etc. Use this tag by itself if your question concerns more than one kind of memory card.

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Developer friendly WiFi SDHC card

There are a few SDHC Cards with WiFi, but I find it difficult to understand what they can actually do, and even harder to find out how they do it. I would like a card that is "developer friendly" ...
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Are USB flash drives less susceptible to catastrophic failure than a micro-sd card in raspberry pi 3B+?

Raspberry Pi users have indicated SD cards will eventually fail from wear when booted in the rPi3B+. I understand that writing to the SD card will eventually cause a failure. SSDs delay this process ...
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Intel® Core™ i5-8269U Processor has memory of LPDDR3-2133

I'm building a laptop. Don't ask why I just am. Im looking for memory chips for my Intel® Core™ i5-8269U Processor. I am so confused. I don't know what lpddr3 chips to get for 16gb of ram. Im leaning ...
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