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RAM manufacturer different from brand name

Is it a common thing to have the RAM manufacturer name different from the brand name? I recently installed a TeamGroup Elite RAM and when I checked its infos I get this: Manufacturer: 04EF Does this ...
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Trustworthy USB and HDMI Manufacturers?

Undoubtedly, we've all encountered the frustrating scenario of surfing through the sea of replica / knockoff products on Amazon and similar marketplaces; in my personal experience, particularly for ...
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Convert PCIe x1 slot to open ended. Is there a safe way to cut the closed edge?

Unfortunately, most manufacturers currently produce only motherboards with close end at their pcie x1 slots. There are many reasons why people want to have free end slots. And I am surprised why close ...
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Looking for a rotary engraving machine that supports modern OSes

I'm looking for a rotary engraving machine (with X/Y axis) that does not use laser, and is compatible with modern OSes (mac especially), to engrave designs on wood, metal or plastic. There was a great ...
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