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0 answers

Z490 AORUS MASTER and Seagate BarraCuda PCIe 4

I have a Z490 AORUS MASTER and I already use a Seagate BarraCuda Q5 which is PCIe 3. This motherboard has a builtin heatsink under which you mount the M.2 NVMes. The BarraCuda Q5 fits perfectly. I ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can I use the SSD M.2 slot for a Wi-Fi card?

My search engine queries turn up a lot of result for the reverse, whether it's possible to use the Wi-FI M.2 slot for an M.2 SDD (e.g. NVMe). The computer I ordered has an NVMe M.2 slot and a 2.5 HDD ...
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m.2 ssd for MSI PRO A620M-E Motherboard, sata or nvme?

for this motherboard: MSI Pro A620M-E amazon link: in getting an M.2 SSD, either in ...
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