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Low light/night vision camera

I've been working on a project that requires a camera that can record low-light and nighttime video. A few months ago, I bought a night-vision camera using infrared light camera link, and I am ...
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Low cost device able to run Python 3 and Scratch for educational purposes

What is the less expensive device for a student to study Scratch, Python 3 and maybe some Duolingo-style webapp? Cost is the main issue, since many students need one. Older PC, Raspberry Pi, tablet ...
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What kind of motherboard would be good for my PC? How much does it cost? [closed]

So, I am working on opening a computer company (called Opportunity Computing in case you were wondering) and my first concept, the ME mark 1, requires a motherboard that can handle the heavy-duty jobs ...
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Low consumption build - x64 - Linux

I would like to build a low consumption PC that will be on 24/7. It will not be used for intensive calculations of course. I've already tried some prefabricated solutions like this one but I found it ...
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Cost-effective solution to connecting many SATA hard disks to a Linux laptop

What I have: Linux laptop with the usual connectors (most importantly, probably: USB) multiple (about 4-6) SATA hard disks My goal is to connect them simultanously, i.e. I want to manipulate all the ...
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