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Light Emitting Diode. These lights are more energy efficient than incandescent and compact florescent lights. These types of lights can be attached to programmable circuits and use very little power.

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Power supply for WS2812B

I want to build an Ambilight-like system with WS2812B and some controller. These are the devices I think about: WS2812B LED Strip 5 m 60 LEDs/m (SP108E WIFI Controller) What ...
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Hardware device to control addressable RGB LED strips from a computer, with a non-proprietary programming interface

I would like to control addressable RGB LEDs (ws2812b / NeoPixels) from a program on a computer running Linux. Seems that most gaming-grade motherboards have some sort of direct 3-pin port for such ...
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Want to buy small as in volume as in litres/centimetres USB solid-state drive (overspecification: USB flash drive) with power/activity indicator light

I currently (2023‑11‑26) use a Corsair Flash Voyager Slider 128GB USB 3.0 (CMFSL3B-128GB) model of USB solid-state drive (overspecification: USB flash drive because it could use a different type of ...
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What is the difference between an LED and a lamp?

What is the difference between an LED and a lamp? If they are different, how can I tell if a component is a LED or a lamp?
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I need 24 inch monitor LED with the following specs

Full HD 1920 1080 Have internal speaker ( do not need additional speaker to hear sounds) Price around $100 (cheaper better) Size around 24 inch. Support HDMI I've been searching for it in tokopedia ...
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brightest single LED running off of a 9v battery

I need help finding an LED to work with my project(if I told you what it is you'd say I was stupid, which has already been established by basically everyone). Here's the important stuff; It is going ...
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Binary digital watch

I am looking for a type of digital watch where hours and minutes would show as binary, e.g. with an LED on for a 1 and off for a 0. So 12:30 would show as: 1100:011110 (since 12 = 1*8 + 1*4 + 0*2 + ...
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Which LED strips should I buy for a music sync project?

I want to start a project using java to make led strips in my room react to the audio being played (preferrably via mp3 on my phone/pc, not just through picking up on sound in my room). However, I don'...
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how to clean LED Anti-Glare Panel display? [closed]

I want to clean my ASUS 15.6" (16:9) LED backlit FHD (1920x1080) 60Hz Anti-Glare Panel with 45% NTSC display. can anyone tell me the right way to do this. thanks.
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Semitranslucent keycap set

I'm looking for a keycap set with semitranslucent keys. Let me explain this: Originally I was looking for a blank keycap set. However, I have a backlit keyboard, so this felt kind of like a waste of ...
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Incredible Night Wave Light System

I want to have a nice night-light-waves projector at home. Not a simple and primitive toy for children as But a super-level beautiful dynamic waves system, as in the movie "Blade Runner 2049": Any ...
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Budget Microcontroller for large WS2812B strand

I am using an Arduino Uno R3 to control my Christmas lights (a strand of 665 WS2812B LEDs).The Arduino, while driving the LEDs, is not accessible from my PC, so I am attempting to use a Raspberry Pi 3 ...
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UHD vs HDR vs QLED vs?

Okay so I just received the dreaded single pixel line down the center of my main TV and decided it was time to buy a new one. I am now overwhelmed confused and ready to start reading more. I am ...
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LED Lighting Automation + Bluetooth

I am looking for a LED light and a wall switch that are both connected to each other via Bluetooth. I would like the switch to be able to toggle the light on/off, but I don't want the switch ...
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UL certified, DMX compatible programmable LED controller

We're doing a commercial LED installation with some industrial-grade LEDs that are DMX compatible. We need a controller that receive real-time input from a computer to change it's color/brightness/etc....
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RGB light with case and cable for Raspberry PI

We need an external light for a Raspberry PI. This light should already ship with a case. Also it needs to have a cable (about 1 m). It doesn't matter whether it's USB or is plugged directly in the ...
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Colour laser printer

I am looking for a colour LED or Laser printer for home use. Important: Reasonable photo quality (I understand lasers don't have great performance here, but for instance one of the Brother LED ...
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AC Phase Shifter for LED lamps

All the LED lamps that are available locally have noticeable flicker, and I have the same problem with the lamps that I've ordered online. Is there any device that could phase-shift 220 V 50 Hz AC ...
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Cheap keyboard with programmable keys and backlit keys

I'm looking for a keyboard under $100USD for gaming, programming, and video editing. For these, programmable keys are needed. Requirements: Extra programmable keys Backlit keys with adjustable ...
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Simple-to-use API-controllable LED light(s)?

I'd like to have a simple LED light that I can control from my computer (2012 MacBook Pro). I've heard of Kickstarter projects like blink(1), but I don't want to have it stuck right up against my ...
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