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For questions that are asking for an Internet-connected "smart device" that is or could be part of the Internet of Things.

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Magnetic compass integrated in Digital multimeter product [closed]

Magnetic compass integrated in Digital multimeter product Magnetic compass Digital multimeter product Is it feasible to integrate Digital magnetic compass circuit in Digital multimeter product? ...
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Is there any wireless technology I can use off-grid?

I need to send some sensor data from a kit car to pit garage. Normally I would use 4G to send the data over the internet but the place where the vehicle will race does not have reception of any kind. ...
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What is the most reliable countersurveillance method to find hidden cameras?

Are there any reliable and inexpensive ones you can reccommend please? Was looking into thermal heat imagers as one way since I dont know if the cameras emit RFs. Apologies if this is not the proper ...
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Which ARM micro controller should I choose for my major project?

I'm taking up a major project for my final year in college through which I plan on learning about the ARM architecture. I want to build my own custom development board instead of using a pre-designed ...
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Recommendations for Modem/Router - Xfinity [closed]

I'm looking to setup my home network with xfinity and am looking for a modem and a router to use. Any suggestions for modems and routers that are compatible with xfinity that would provide as much ...
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Devices able to run Docker engine [closed]

I am making some database app and stuff and I need to run MySQL database somewhere. I was wandering what to choose, because I need it to run all day and I want to run it as docker I was ...
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Water Detection Sensor With Configurable Endpoint

I'm working on an IoT Project that monitor the temperature / humidity of a house and detect if there are water leaks. Now, I'm looking for a water detection sensor with these constraint : Must be ...
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Low-voltage wireless switch

I am searching for an alternative to the popular Sonoff Basic WiFi switch, which satisfies the following requirements: Low voltage: 5V or 12V DC (input and output) Standardized protocol: WiFi, ...
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Multi-WAN gigabit Router

(Yes, I’ve seen this question which is very similar, however my specs include the word gigabit. Also the only current answer to that question was written by someone that didn’t understand the meaning ...
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Mount an IP camera to the top of a flagpole

I am trying to set up some DIY home security video streams. I have several IP cams, like the D-Link night/day wireless Cloud Cam. The problem is that it's hard to get a good angle and it's hard to ...
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Programmable Bluetooth router

I previously posted this on Stack Overflow but moved the post here because I feel this forum is more relevant. I am looking for some kind of hardware that I can buy that has multiple Bluetooth radios,...
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One handed controller to turn off all lights in room that can be tied to wrist

The lights will be on I'll curl up in a ball on a bed and begin to fall asleep. For some reason, sometimes I fall asleep better when the lights are on. However, if I get up to turn off the lights, I ...
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A good dual or even three channel router

I'm looking for a dual- or multi-channel router. Requirements: 2/3 or more channels Supports IP/TV as well as the standard functionality Reliable brand (think Asus, D-Link) Not more than €300.
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Which cheap microcontroller with Wi-Fi to choose for IoT endpoint devices?

I want to gather data from multiple sensors, make simple operations on them (like store last samples in a buffer, calculate moving average, etc.) and send them to the Internet of Things cloud using ...
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Secure IoT device

With the current IoT trend, there are plenty of scenarios that make use of a low-profile, low-power, connected computing device, the best known being the Raspberry Pi. What about security? Suppose I ...
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