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Questions tagged [home-electronics]

For questions about standalone devices found within the home (e.g., alarm clocks) or devices directly interacting with the home (e.g., peephole cameras).

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AC Phase Shifter for LED lamps

All the LED lamps that are available locally have noticeable flicker, and I have the same problem with the lamps that I've ordered online. Is there any device that could phase-shift 220 V 50 Hz AC ...
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Hackable WiFi-enabled LED lightbulb

I'd like to replace my home lightbulbs for bulbs with on-board WiFi. I want to be able to control them with my custom "smart home" application. Bonus points if it let's me to control R/G/B channels ...
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UHD vs HDR vs QLED vs?

Okay so I just received the dreaded single pixel line down the center of my main TV and decided it was time to buy a new one. I am now overwhelmed confused and ready to start reading more. I am ...
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Low-voltage wireless switch

I am searching for an alternative to the popular Sonoff Basic WiFi switch, which satisfies the following requirements: Low voltage: 5V or 12V DC (input and output) Standardized protocol: WiFi, ...
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Battery powered multi-camera outdoor home surveillance system where all video streams can be displayed on 1 screen

The key difference between this and a similar existing question is that I need my cameras to be not only wireless, but battery powered. I have one like this, the Ring "stickupcam", which is perfect ...
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Speed control table or floor fan prefer with thermostat

I have a floor fan with 3 speeds with ir remote. The remote broke but fan is too old to find a replacement remote. But that's not my problem. The fan has 3 speeds. Sometimes I wake up too cold or too ...
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WiFi-connected device to control (via infrared) air conditioner and light, with maintained open source apps and SDK

I want to start my air conditioner at 7am in the morning, and via my phone when coming back from work. So, I am looking for a device with the characteristics below: Hardware Can connect to my home ...
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USB Security / Mounting / Authentication

I have few questions regarding Pen-drive security. Is there any way to, prevent a pen-drive, to stop detecting on random system. I want to detect my pen-drive on a particular system. Please, ...
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LED Lighting Automation + Bluetooth

I am looking for a LED light and a wall switch that are both connected to each other via Bluetooth. I would like the switch to be able to toggle the light on/off, but I don't want the switch ...
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RCA to VGA converter

I have a VGA monitor and want to use it with a set-up box that only has RCA output. I want a converter that is RCA to VGA. I have been unable to find anything likely to work. I have found VGA to RCA ...
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