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Questions tagged [fanless]

For questions about hardware that runs without fan ventilation. Consider also using the [silent] or [quiet-computing] tags.

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How to get rid of the coolant fan noise in NVR [closed]

Hi I'm using the following NVR But the fan is really noisy enough to disturb the ...
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Clock-wise case fan

I'm in need of a fan with 3 simple requirements. it must be in the 140x140mm or 120x120 ATX case fan form factor. it must run on 12VDC. from the side which the air flows in, the fan must spin ...
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High performance memory kit for a fanless mini-itx home server based on a i9-10900T and a Gigabyte Z490I AORUS ULTRA?

I am looking forward to build a fanless mini-ITX computer (with a dedicated computer case). The criteria that are important to me for this platform are the following: Reliability: no system crash, no ...
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16-port 19" rackmount PoE Switch with low noise

I'm looking for a switch with at least 12-16 ports, Gigabit that supports Power over Ethernet on at least 4 of it's ports that can be rack-mounted (19") and it ideally is fanless or has very low noise....
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Recommendation for small, low-cost, low-energy, fanless, 80686 or x86-64 computer with at least 3 SATA ports using normal connectors instead of mSATA

Per the post subject, is there an x86 computer like this that I can still buy or otherwise acquire in 2019? Used or refurbished is OK as long as it is still reliable. I want a low-cost, low-energy, ...
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Quiet/fanless computer

I want to buy a computer which is quiet, i.e. I can leave it in my bedroom without noticing it (under normal load; I might rarely do some heavy processing, where I can accept that I would hear the fan,...
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Fanless, LTE and thunderbolt convertible / 2-in-1 / tablet laptop suggestion?

I would highly appreciate your suggestions regarding the device I have been searching for last couple of months. Please accept my apologies for the long question, I found no other way to ask my doubts ...
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Fanless mini PC for Linux

I'm looking for small fanless mini PC to install Linux and use it on my desk with the following features: Linux compatible, Intel i5/i7 or Xeon family (not Atom), should be silent (no any fans), ...
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Quiet, no moving parts laptop/tablet that can run Linux?

I'm looking for a laptop without any mechanical moving parts (don't need CD; will use SSD), particularly without a fan because a fan is noisy or becomes noisy after a while. Preferably 13-15'', ...
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Fanless laptop, preferably AMD APU-powered

I'm looking to buy a new laptop where performance isn't of a large consideration provided the internals are of the current or last gen (as of 2015). As such, I'd like to go for fanless laptops that ...
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