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Questions tagged [energy-efficient]

For questions about devices with features specifically designed for low power consumption or use power wisely.

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1 vote
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Sleep mode of HP Elite x360 and power consumption

EDIT : I managed to have contact with an HP sales advisor, but they confused my question as to whether "suspend-to-disk" (hibernate) is available. Most of the ressources I find about "...
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Sleep mode of Dell Precision 3581 and power consumption

I have the habit of using "suspend" mode with my laptop in order to keep my session open in its current state. I find myself now with a Dell Precision 3581 which doesn't seem to allow either ...
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Smart plug to measure AC energy (power) consumption that does not require a hub

I want to measure AC power consumption over time on a single outlet. My multimeters will not do the job, as like nearly all multimeters, they display instantaneous values. To accomplish this task, I ...
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GPS tracker for parcel?

The mail people where I live are very careless. When I ship packages, unless I purchase insurance or send through registered mail, the packages tend to get lost very often. The postal worker who ...
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Looking for very energy-efficient (<30W) mini-ITX mainboard, ideally with 7th gen Intel support

I live off the grid, with an office powered only by solar panels. My main work machine currently is a Macbook Pro. For various reasons, I want to ease off it and build a small, extremely energy-...
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Beaglebone Black Upgrade

I'm currently using a Beaglebone Black as a multipurpose toolkit and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. The specs (that I use) are the following: 512 MB RAM (somewhat low for updates but it ...
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3 votes
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SOC with more than 4Gb ram?

Are there any arm SOCs with large mounts of ram such as 16Gb ? Several phones have come out with 8Gb ram, so I expected the same developments to happen in the SOC sector. I believe there are ARM based ...
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Which PSU to get for very low power draw?

I'm building a very low power HTPC. I'd like to make it as efficient as possible. The components I've chosen (a low power Atom mobo/CPU, a single SO-DIMM and an SSD) should idle at around 10W if not ...
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TV that you can turn off the screen while still listening to audio

I'm interested in purchasing a large 4K TV. One feature I promised myself I'd check on, before purchasing another television, is the ability to turn the TV's screen off at any time, while still being ...
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