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Looking for a compatible case (and PSU)

I had originally purchased this motherboard from here. MsInfo says that I have model MS-7D43 I am looking for a case and PSU in Australia: Compact case Need CD-Rom Need 4+ HDD bays I don't want ...
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Using components from all-in-one with broken screen

I have a Lenovo all in one A340-24ICB with a broken screen. Is it possible to build a working system with an external monitor: 1 - Transplant the motherboard into a new case. Is there a suitable case ...
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What is this connector locking clips and where to find it?

I have just purchase the HP Elitebook 8570w and disassemble it for cleaning. Unfortunately when I was trying to put it back I broke all three clips locking cables connection touch-pad and fingerprint-...
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Computer enclosure with high MERV furnace filter

I am sick of paying US$1000 a year for a professional commercial datacenter colo for merely a hobbyist Minecraft / Space Engineers / Factorio gaming server that makes no money and is not run to make a ...
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A new case for an old build

When I built my PC a year ago, I bought a really cheap case. It did not have USB 3.0 or audio on the front panel, and I regret it now. I already have new case fans for the thing, and it runs quietly, ...
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Small security enclosures

I work in a co-working space and keep a small NAS, a micro-PC, a router and a few other small components running on my desk. While it's a safe space I'd like to add a bit more anti-theft security. ...
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